Who We Are

Specialists in high-end digital post-production, LIBRA VISION has been producing and directing world-class video and film productions for nearly three decades.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, and spearheaded by accomplished producer/director Trevor Versfeld, our list of credits includes local and international television commercials, corporate videos and multimedia productions.

We have a vibrant, talented and experienced team of professionals. Their passion and uncompromising commitment enable us to offer creative solutions from concept to completion.

Youthful energy, time-proven experience plus a commitment to remain on the cutting edge of digital technology keep us at the forefront of the film industry in South Africa.

What We Do

LIBRA VISION understands strategy and is able, if required, to generate ideas, create scripts and transform them into effective, compelling and evocative audio/visual productions that surpass clients’ expectations.

We are deadline and solutions driven, continuously offering creative solutions to tough problems. Our ‘all-inclusive’ approach means it’s easy for clients to produce effective television commercials and corporate programmes on time and within budget.



We deliver world-class imagery every time. Our two RED EPIC DRAGON cameras are constantly updated, giving you the visual benefits of 6K resolution. We also have HD cameras such as Sony EX3, Sony F3 and Gopro’s to facilitate all other filming requirements.


Our editors are complemented by cutting-edge facilities. Whether producing a corporate programme, training video or a television commercial, we deliver offline/online quality that’s uncompromising. Editors and edit systems are assigned to project based on client requirements.


Imagine it; we’ll deliver it; and more! Our team of visual effects and graphic artists, using the latest updated Autodesk Flame Premium software, gives you industry-leading solutions to your visual requirements.


Talent plus experience; a potent mix for the creation of stirring visuals that excite and compel. Our mix of graphic artists and animators will help you plan and storyboard plus supervise your project, making sure that it is as exciting and compelling as you dare it to be.


Correctly graded visuals take your project from good to great. The on going quest of our in-house colourist, using dedicated tools is to ensure that every Libra Vision production is indeed great.


Sound roars with pride, whispers with care, sings with delight and is at least 50 percent of an audio/visual product’s success. Libra’s dedicated sound engineer, using the latest digital technology, delivers soundtracks that stir emotion and evoke reaction.


Having an in-house shooting studio has very real cost benefits when it comes to pre lighting and set up. It also conveniently allows us to immediately check the quality of your Green Screen studio chroma key or image quality of your footage before striking the set. Being so close to the edit suites is very convenient.

TV Commercials

Sea Harvest - Savour the Sea

Clicks - Pharmacy


GNC - Burn and Firm

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Corporate / Training

Shoprite - BBB 2014

Graphics & Animation

Prepare (In-House Project)

Oudemeester - Style Guide

Spirello - Hippo


ADT - Butch

JB - 3D Chameleon

VW - Golf

Our Team

 Trevor Versfeld

Trevor Versfeld

Producer & Director

Trevor’s ability as a producer/director has been honed over almost three decades in the film industry. Nowadays, most of his inspired ideas happen during his 40km cycle to work every other day.

 Alan Jacobson

Alan Jacobson

Scriptwriter, Producer & Director

With years of experience in agencies as a writer and creative director, Alan is a strategic, somewhat unorthodox thinker and creator of productions that compel and sell.

 Steven Versfeld

Steven Versfeld

Director & Senior Editor

Steven’s a senior creative editor and visual effects artist with 22 years industry experience on Avid and Final Cut Pro. Right now, most of Steven’s creativity goes up in Flame and Smoke.

 Bas Caminada

Bas Caminada

Senior Editor

A senior editor who developed his skills in Europe and perfected them in South Africa, Bas ‘s ability to perform under pressure is legendary. The ultimate Mr Cool, his contribution is immense.

 Peter Höhsl

Peter Höhsl

Special Effects, Graphic Design & Colourist

Peter brings extensive international knowledge and experience, adding sophistication to LIBRA’s productions that is evocative and compelling (he’s also a ridiculously talented fine artist).

 Andre Henning

Andre Henning

Senior Cameraman, Red Specialist & DOP

A big man with big talent, Andre’s relentless in his quest to always get the best shot. His experience in commercials, corporate productions and feature films is vast.

 Bennett Delcie

Bennett Delcie

Lighting, Cameraman & DOP

Bennett is a people’s person with many years of experience. His easy professionalism brings out the best in models/actors and crew on every shoot.

 Lionel Besterfield

Lionel Besterfield

Cameraman, DOP, and Stylist

A man for all seasons, Lionel is an accomplished cameraman/DOP plus stylist; a lethal combination when you’re searching for the perfect image.


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Cape Town
South Africa