Specialists in high-end digital post-production, Libra Vision has been producing and directing quality video and film productions for nearly three decades. Spearheaded by producer/director Trevor Versfeld, our list of credits includes television commercials, corporate videos and multimedia productions - both international and local. We have a diverse team of talented professionals, whose passion and commitment enable us to offer creative solutions from concept to completion. Libra Vision’s clients include Engen, Clicks, Motorola and leading corporate companies, amongst others. Cutting-edge technology such as the Flame 2017 and the RED Dragon Digital Film Camera keeps us at the forefront of the film industry in South Africa.


About us


Libra Vision Studios in-house production facilities include:


• 7 Modern technology Digital Edit suites with experienced editors working at all levels of production.

• Discreet Flame Premium 2017 – real-time visual effects design, compositing and colour grading suite. High-end post-production commercial facility.

• Professional Sound Studio (voice recording only) equipped with Pro Tools package and sound engineer.

• Full-service production crew filming on Sony Digital F3, Sony EX3 Cam and Sony HD Cam, and a RED DRAGON 6K High-end camera platforms.


• Free Fly MOVI Pro Handheld Camera Stabilizer Rig

• Complete RED Workflow solutions – Grading, transcoding, offline and online editing. 

• 3D & 2D Graphic animation and development studio operated by 4 graphic artists.

• Film studio set - 7m x 7m with infinity curve.

• Experienced Pre-production team.


• Autocue equipment & Operator.


• Experience producing and directing team. 

• Styling and Wardrobe assistants & Basic make-up artists. 

• DVD authoring and CD/DVD duplication service.


Post Production


When it comes to video editing, Libra Vision facilities include digital edit and composite suites capable of working with any type of media up to 6K size. These stations are networked together with a four station graphics facility to create a fast turn-around. Our editors are experienced and capable of handling any project individually or working together as a team.

Our editing systems have excellent visual capabilities when it comes to painting, layering, grading and title effects. In addition, we have various Premier Pro edit suites in operation. All these facilities are available on a daily/hourly rate.

Our Discreet Flame edit suite is consistently upgraded to assist us with our ever-increasing need for more powerful visual effects, compositing and colour grading tools.


The Flame has given us the creative freedom to produce effective solutions for our clients. Whether you are looking for a television commercial or a music video, the Flame is the ultimate industry leading visual effects system to do the job. 

Steven Versfeld, one of Libra Vision’s directors is our Flame operator. He manages a team of creative’s who assist with production at all levels.




Whether you need to create a visually impressive 3D graphic launch effect or a simple 2D logo graphic, Libra Vision studios have creativity and technology to turn your ideas into a reality utilising tools such as Cinema 4D, After Effects and Autodesk Smoke. This, used in conjunction with our Flame Premium suite, allows you the freedom to create impactful and diverse visual experiences.




Our sound studio is one of the many support services within our One-Stop-Shop and is equipped with Pro Tools software which is operated by an experienced sound engineer.


Networked to all the edit suites, the sound studio serves to enhance all the audio requirements necessary for your Television Commercial or Corporate Video Production. 

Libra also has experienced sound engineers for on-location shoots.

Shoot on Location

Whether you require a two man Camera Crew, a Multi-Camera Live Vision mix set-up or a comprehensive crew compliment for shooting Television Commercials, our experienced crews are here to support you. Libra Vision Studios own most of its own Camera and Sound production equipment.

Libra Vision has four experienced Lighting Cameramen whose skills vary from shooting Television Commercials to Corporate Video productions on film and digital video. We employ our own Production Assistants and Sound Engineers to back up our Camera Crews offering you a better shooting package at competitive prices.

Should you require more specialised services or skills other than what our crew has to offer, i.e. the use of Steady Cams, Cranes, Jibs and Dolly’s etc. our attitude is to outsource the equipment and professionals to assist us and not to compromise on our production values.

Our in-house shooting studio set has an infinity curve that can cope with blue/green studio work & pack shots.

Directing and Producing


Trevor Versfeld, Libra Visions senior Producer/Director has been in the industry for 35 years.

His experience ranges from being a Cameraman/DOP, On-line editing of commercials and programmes, Live vision mixing of Multi-Camera shows, Directing and Producing TV Commercials on film and digital video and Project Management at all levels of production.


Creative services and scriptwriting


Libra Vision has teamed up with Alan Jacobson a senior creative director /scriptwriter who has many years experience in the advertising industry, above and below the line.




We understand deadlines & strive to manage our productions professionally at all times, continually offering creative solutions to tough problems. From concept to completion our One-Stop-Shop approach means it is easy for clients to produce effective TV commercials and programmes on time and on a budget.

We take pride in our work and are constantly striving to reach new heights in the Commercial, Television and Corporate video industry. We stand behind the work we do and our team would like to ensure that Production facility meets all your needs. From Commercial Television to Corporate Video Productions, Libra Vision Studios is your Full- Service Multimedia Production Company.


Solid Track Record


Libra Vision offers a unique blend of experience, creativity and facility support to any creative team or individual. We take pride in our work and are constantly striving to reach new heights in the Commercial, Television and Corporate video industry. We stand behind the work we do, and our team would like to ensure that our One- Stop-Shop Production facility meets all your needs. 


From Commercial Television to Corporate Video Productions, Libra Vision Studio’s is your Full- Service Multimedia Production Company. 


Many Thanks

Trevor Versfeld

Managing Director